Weaving components

WeftMaster® FALCON-i

Optical yarn defects sensor

Detects smallest yarn defects during fabric manufacturing process

  • Prevents smallest yarn defects in fabrics
  • Applicable independently from machine
  • Easy, intuitive user interface
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Fabric separation

Thermal fabric separation on weaving and tricot knitting machines

  • Constant high quality selvedges and no fraying of the fabric
  • Faster article changes
  • Perfect result for light to heavy synthetic fabrics
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WeftMaster® SFB

Thread brake

Weft thread brake for controlled weft tension

  • Constant tension
  • Higher performance
  • Avoid yarn abrasion
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WeftMaster® FWL

Yarn stop motion

Stop motion detection for tapes, threads and yarns

  • Accepts all yarn applications
  • Wide range of applications
  • Minimal thread tension
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WeftMaster® KW

Knot detector

Detects knots in running yarns

  • High machine efficiency
  • All kinds of yarn
  • Easy operation
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WeftMaster® SW

Weft stop motion

Detects any yarn break or yarn stoppage of the weft yarn

  • Instant detection
  • High machine efficiency
  • All yarn types
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