Special embroidery for HOME and FASHION

Added value for your home textiles and fashion items

  • High quality

  • Future-proof

  • Optimal flexibility

  • No compromise

Machine Baratto PR 85

Semi-automatic scallop cutting machine

Semi automatic scallop cutting machine.

  • Easy to use
  • Cutting away fabric to leave embroidery
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S 1581 600

High speed industrial scalloping

Unique double needle scalloping embroidery machine with design cam system.

  • Scalloping machine
  • Table and Bed linen
translate.discover BARATTO 158
Sample Cornely 10 3 a

Picot stitch embroidery machine

Cornely 10-3 is making decorative holes on the seam of table and bed linen.

  • universal machine for all types of woven fabric
  • decorative hemming on home textiles
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Sample COR 15 2

Thread pulling machine

The CORNELY 15 thread pulling machine is developed to pull threads in one direction over a fixed width.

  • universal thread pulling machine
  • Prepare the fabric for CORNELY 10
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Sample Cornely A3

High speed industrial embroidery

Manual high speed chainstitch embroidery for home textiles and fashion.

  • universal chain stitch embroidery
  • For home textiles and fashion
translate.discover CORNELY A3
Sample Cornely FD a

High speed industrial decorative embroidery

Versatile decorative embroidery machine for home textiles and fashion.

  • universal chain stitch embroidery
  • home textiles and fashion
translate.discover CORNELY LG3
Sample Cornely N a

Triple chainstitch embroidery machine

Triple chainstitch machine for decorative embroidery on light curtains and home textiles.

  • 3 hooks, one thread
  • light curtains continuous embroidery
translate.discover CORNELY N
Sample Cornely N b

Triple hook automatic chainstitch embroidery

Semi-automatic triple chainstitch embroidery for curtains, cushion and home textiles.

  • Ideal for curtains and home textiles
  • 3 chainstitches with one thread
  • automatic repeat of design
translate.discover CORNELY N AUTOMATIC

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