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Vandewiele has always chosen to innovate, invest and anticipate the future while preserving the environment and its natural resources. These strong values are a part of the group’s DNA and are shared by all trades and all teams in all countries. They are continuously expressed, and this contributes to the growth and the longevity of the group.

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Vandewiele has developed an innovative technology which reduces waste and helps protect the environment. In addition, the company is committed to using renewable energy sources for its operations wherever possible. This commitment to sustainability ensures that Vandewiele’s machines have as little environmental impact as possible while still providing customers with high quality machines.


Energy is generally the third largest variable cost in manufacturing, besides raw materials and direct labor. It represents on average 3 to 5% of a company’s turnover. At Vandewiele, we put our efforts in developing low energy consuming machines, so you can save on your energy and cost. With soaring energy prices, the energy cost has become an even more important factor in the total cost of your final product. Smart Energy Management not only raises your energy efficiency, but also saves you lots of money and reduces your carbon footprint. We lead you on the path of optimal energy savings!

The environment is at the core of all the reflections and actions of the Group. Respecting nature to preserve the future of mankind is a natural commitment for Vandewiele.


“Sustainable development” has one ambition: to meet today’s needs without jeopardizing the needs of future generations. This means to conciliate in an optimal way, economic development, social progress and respect for the environment.