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Press release ITM 2022

ITM International Textile Machinery Exhibition is back after 4 years

Marke, 23 May 2022: Our Vandewiele Turkey team is delighted to welcome its customers again on the next edition of the ITM International Textile Machinery Exhibition, the first biggest organization where textile technology leaders will come together after 4 years, ITM will be held at Istanbul Tuyap Fair and Congress Center on 14-18 June 2022

Vandewiele, expert in weaving
Apart from many traditionally woven carpets on the RCE+ carpet weaving machine, Vandewiele will also promote the digitally controlled RCF machine with Fast Creel, cut-loop machines, and specific machines for weaving light carpets. All will be illustrated by carpet samples.

The digital control of yarns allows the development of new qualities, a higher production efficiency and a closer follow-up of the machine park. Yarn waste is reduced at the highest production speed. Combinations of cut pile carpets with flatweave as well as sisal look carpets will be presented.

Naturally, also the highest carpet qualities in reed 1000 d/m 10 colours, 1200 d/m and 1500 d/m with up to 5.000.000 points/m² will be shown.

The Most flexible Tufting systems on the market.
In tufting, the digital control of pile yarns (active yarn feed, also called IPD) has allowed Vandewiele the development of high definition Colortec 1/10” tufting carpet in 8 colours – or 1/7” gauge, competing with the traditional Axminster carpets. But also, solutions for plain carpets, artificial grass and our Myriad machines for tiles and other applications will be highlighted.

Vandewiele, expert in jacquards
During ITM VANDEWIELE will show its newest addition to the highly successful Bonas JI range of jacquards: the JIL. The JIL represents the logical extension of the JI range allowing our customers higher hook capacities within the same range of machines. Hook capacities up to 11520 are now possible within our JI range. If even bigger capacities are required, we offer our SI machine going up to more than 31000 hooks in a single machine.

The JI has been a tremendous success since the introduction. In many textile countries we strengthened or gained our market leader position thanks to the introduction of the new 96 technology used in all our jacquard machines today. Extending the range from a maximum of 5760 to a new maximum hook capacity of 11520 will make the JI the preferred choice for most customers.

The Bonas JIL at ITM will be shown at the Vandewiele booth on a Picanol Optimax 190cm loom using our special superstructure resulting in a very compact installation with a required roof height much lower than classical gantry installations. This allows our machines to be installed in all weaving halls. We will show a 9600 hook JIL weaving furnishing fabric with a full repeat design.

The new very user friendly and practical controller software can be seen next to the loom. Full compatibility and production follow up combined with on loom design change possibilities.

Vandewiele, expert in finishing
On Bejimac side, we will be delighted to present you in detail our new autonomous shearing machine, the ATSH. This machine is an example of how we develop new technologies to for fill the needs of our customers.

For the back coating the focus will be energy saving, an important topic nowadays.

Vandewiele, expert in yarns
Superba, already the leader in heat-setting with saturated steam under pressure thanks to their well-known TVP3, is now offering their hot-air heat-setting solution with the DHS3 line.

This triple-layer heat-setting process provides an unequaled level of evenness and a highly homogenous fixation characteristic to the yarn, as well as stain resistance or enhanced bulk. The DHS3 line offers a high energy saving process in a reduced floor-space.

To complete their range, SUPERBA is also introducing their new B403 automatic winder. Expanding its area of application beyond the carpet yarn field, the B403 marks a real technological breakthrough with its individual spindle motorization drive; it enables a constant tension winding process, an accurate bobbin length measuring as well as a unique quality control for each yarn position.

Finally, with the BXE extrusion line from VANDEWIELE, the MF400 texturizing machine and the MCD3 space-dyeing machine as complementary processes before heat-setting, with SUPERBA lines, the carpet industry gets all the necessary equipment to produce innovative yarn types, allowing manufacturers to make the highest quality carpets at the most economic prices.

All the Vandewiele machines can be connected through cloud computing to the “TEXconnect” supervision system to comply with the Factory 4.0 concept.

Our customers have the capacities to develop designs and create real art. Therefore, we are also looking forward in exchanging ideas with them. Let this ITM exhibition be a meeting point for everyone in the carpet business: weather active in weaving, tufting, yarn extrusion, heat setting or finishing.

Looking forward to meeting you all again over there!

About Vandewiele Turkey
Established in 1996 we provide after-sales service and support to customers on a local basis. We introduce technology solutions to customers by demonstrating the newest machines, displaying the latest applications, offering advice on parts machining, providing training and many other services.

Vandewiele Turkey is located at İkitelli - İSTANBUL. For more information, please email istanbul@vandewiele.com.tr

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact our Marketing & Communications department at marketing@vandewiele.com or feel free to visit us during ITM, Hall 2 – Booth 215A. We will be glad to welcome you and to share our new developments and highlights!

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