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We’re not keeping up with technology. We drive it.

Our experienced design team consists not only of highly competent technology experts within motor design, motor control, power electronics, embedded systems and mechatronics, but also multi-diciplinary skilled application engineers that will follow the projects from concept stage to beyond start of production.

Starting from a toolbox of solutions with field proven performance, our team will work on your application with the possibility to focus on innovative and competitive solutions since most basic development is already at hand

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Aros electronics provides solutions for motors and drives. We develop and produce totally integrated electronic solutions for customer unique industrial and vehicle applications.

We’re not keeping up with technology. We drive it.


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VIGAN is a worldwide leader and belgian manufacturer of pneumatic, continuous ship unloaders and ship loaders. Our company provides a complete range of mechanical and pneumatic transfer solutions for bulk.

Your partner in agri-bulk handling


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ROJ Mechatronics

ROJ motors are controlled by digital technology, standard or dedicated protocols, wireless or wired connection through Control Units or mobile devices with dedicated Apps. Since 2013 ROJ has been taking part in precision agriculture growth with its motors and systems for the distribution of seeds, plants and fertilizers.

Precision Farming for both agricultural equipment and positioning systems.


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