BXE+ Mono Colour

BCF yarn production

  • 5 times faster spinpacks exchange than competition
  • Energy savings up to 60% with INCA interlacing system
  • Multi-wrap texturing unit for higher crimp and better yarn uniformity
  • Low yarn waste and fast colour changes
  • Fast string up: easy accessible and ergonomic draw frame
  • Different yarn properties because of 2-step drawing
  • Low friction during package winding
  • TEXconnect enabled
Exrtusie ABSW
  • Mono Colour

  • Fast colour changes

  • Low yarn waste

  • 60% less energy consumption with INCA interlacing system

Zidis Tapijt Kussens Garen samples Foto 2552
20230522 161045
Zidis Tapijt Kussens Garen samples Foto 2702

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  • Short melt pipes
  • Fast change and easy handling of spinpacks
  • Ideal setup for alternative and recycled materials
RED 2643
Spinpacks 3

Inlet section

  • Fast and ergonomic string up
  • Extra push buttons for optimal handling
Push buttons extrusion1
Push buttons extrusion

Ergonomics and easy handling

  • Ergonomics in threading and machine control
  • Easy and uniform settings for filament bundle path
  • Quick quality/colour changes
  • Condition monitoring on winder
  • Low waste
  • Repeatable
Zidis Vandewiele Extrusielijn BXE Foto 73 2

Multi-Wrap Texturing Unit

  • Higher crimp
  • Better crimp consistency
  • Wider range of crimp level control
  • Separate fan for each texturing unit
  • Heat flow controlled per end
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Retrofittable
Zidis Vandewiele Extrusielijn BXE Foto 152
RED 2766


  • Save costs and improved tangle knot regularity of intermingling
  • Reduced downtime due to quick exchange of inserts
  • Reduced air consumption
  • Quick threading
  • Anti-noise system
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RED 2763


  • Improved user experience
  • New recipe manager
  • Clear alarm messaging and handling
  • New efficiency and energy dashboards
Zidis Vandewiele Extrusielijn BXE Foto 101
Recipe manager
Trending Efficiency
Trending Consumption

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