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stands for development, innovation and automation

Automotive textiles represent one of the most important international markets for technical textiles.

Products woven on the BONAS H3D jacquard, the Hybrid 3-Dimension model, with full 2, 3 or 4 positions.

Car seat fabrics woven on BONAS jacquards are very popular in automotive industries. 3-dimensional and multi-layer applications.

Vandewiele’s vision

Vandewiele’s vision is embodied by the words THINK FORWARD: a stimulus to LOOK AHEAD and ANTICIPATE THE FUTURE setting new standards to drive TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION and DIGITAL transformation.

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Fillament technology inside Airbus airplanes

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The strong internationalisation and verticalisation of technology is what makes Vandewiele a highly unique company.

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The benefit for the customer is that he can increase efficiency and that he can develop products his competitor is not able to create.

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Vandewiele, as a world leader in face-to-face carpet weaving, has gained huge experience and knowledge throughout the years.

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Savio is the world leader in the yarn finishing sector, operating in the design, manufacturing and distribution of winding machines, quality control devices and electronic boards for the textile industry.

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We develop, produce and promote equipment of our own brand on the world-wide market of textile industry

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Vandewiele Tufting has remained at the forefront of technology through anticipating, identifying and responding to industry requirements and trends.

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Bonas Textile Machinery NV is trendsetter in design and manufacture of electronic jacquards for weaving machines

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In a BCF yarn extrusion line, synthetic granulates are melted and mixed at a certain temperature and pressure, then extruded to filaments which are created by spinnerets.

Superba factory

French textile machinery manufacturer, SUPERBA is the global leader in heat-setting for carpet yarn with more than 40 years of experience. More than 90% of the production is exported to 75 different countries.

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Sewing machines for carpets and technical textiles

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We manufacture special high quality industrial sewing machines since 1897. Over the years we acquired a very large expertise in the field of industrial sewing machines and sewing machine parts.

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For 50 years Protechna is the market leader for opto-electronic thread control systems for the textile industry.

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We focus on research, development and production of electronics technologically the most advanced for the industry.

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Loepfe is considered world-wide as the specialist for integral quality control systems.

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We offer cutting-edge processing technology for yarn infeeding, control systems and lubrication technology for knitting machines.

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Aros provides solutions for motors and drives. We develop and produce totally integrated electronic solutions for customer unique industrial and vehicle applications