Vandewiele Weaving develops, manufactures and assembles machines for carpet and velvet production and technical fabrics.

With a long history of innovation and excellence, Vandewiele’s weaving machines have proven to be efficient and reliable, with state-of-the-art features that assure productivity, flexibility, reduced costs, and higher quality carpets.

Carpet and velvet fabrics are composed of a ground structure of warp and weft yarns, but have an additional third dimension: the pile yarns. These pile yarns are formed by making a connection between top and bottom cloth, resulting in a 3-dimensional structure. The pile yarn is then cut in the middle, resulting in 2 symmetrical carpets.

Thanks to this unique “face-to-face” weaving technique, our carpet and velvet weaving machines are able to produce high quality carpets and the finest velvets since 1880, in weaving mills all over the world.

With the headquarters in Belgium, Vandewiele, consisting of several textile machine companies, all trendsetter in their field.

Our Research and Development department and test-engineers are continuously developing new yarn applications, carpet applications and velvet applications.

The innovative breakthroughs of Vandewiele give a boost to the carpet and velvet industry.

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