Zidis Vandewiele Extrusielijn BXE Foto 71 2

Vandewiele Extrusion, manufactures and assembles machines for BCF extrusion lines.

With the headquarters in Belgium, Vandewiele Extrusion is member of Vandewiele, consisting of several textile machine companies, all trendsetter in their field.

Our BCF Extrusion department is focusing towards energy saving, easy handling and recycling. You can find all combined in our latest developments:

  • Draw Frame with new developed ergonomic inlet section.

  • SECO system which is giving a perfect color separation

    without the need for pre-intermingling.

  • INCA system which gives superior tangle knot regularity and the highest savings towards air consumption for BCF in the market.

  • Redesigned spin packs to assure the fastest change in BCF Extrusion.

  • Our machine has optimal configuration and conditions for handling recycled materials.

  • We are combining efforts with top class research and industrial partners for innovative materials production in BCF.

Our Research and Development department and test-engineers are continuously developing new applications.

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