As a leading supplier of high-quality thread and fabric control systems for use in many textile manufacturing processes, we have continuously expanded our product range for the textile processing and textile machinery construction industries over the years.

Formed in 1956, PROTECHNA has been part of the Belgian Vandewiele Group since 2011. With our international network of more than 60 sales partners, we know the requirements of our markets, and offer our customers around the world a comprehensive portfolio of services and made-to-measure support.

Each and every day, our engineers, specialists and technicians are hard at work on improving our high-tech products. Our innovative approach to business and our high-performance products draw their inspiration from a strong foundation that is built from the creation of individual solutions for the textile industry as well as close collaboration with the design teams and the product development departments at leading textile machine producers.

Our development teams are always up to date, thanks to our use of ultramodern software and our global networks. Our quality assurance department uses in-depth controls to ensure that only first-class goods are shipped out to our customers. The resulting reliability and outstanding longevity of our products enjoy a well-earned reputation throughout our markets.

The quality of our work and the success of our company is measured by one all-important metric: customer satisfaction.

Our product portfolio covers the following:

  • Thread break detectors for tricot, Raschel, weaving and tufting machines, featuring innovative laser light barrier technology and microcontroller-guided processes
  • CCD camera systems for monitoring fabrics on tricot and Raschel machines
  • Digital, camera-based thread counters for monitoring the yarn sheet on warping, beaming, sizing and draw-warping machines, and similar equipment
  • High-precision thread control devices for slub detection to capillary break identification on warping, beaming and weaving machines
  • Thread tension measuring devices for the continuous monitoring of tension in individual threads on warping and beaming machines
  • Digital needle sensors for the detection of faulty needles on circular knitting machines

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