BARATTO CORNELY produces special high quality industrial embroidery machines which are a reference in the textile world.

Over the years we acquired a very large expertise in the field of sewing machines and accessories. The company has always looked to create new and better products. .

Today we are manufacturing 2 brands :

  • BARATTO (industrial scalloping machines) to finish Home textiles or for fashion embroidery
  • CORNELY (industrial embroidery machines) to finish Home textiles or for fashion embroidery
Machine Cornely N Automatic

Thanks to a competent team, all our machines are developed, programmed, produced in our own factory. The parts are made out of the best quality steels and other metals and are cut out on high precision fully automatic CNC-machines.

Where necessary parts have undergone special treatments and the parts are adjusted up to 0.001 mm precision. This ensures to the final customers a perfect fitting of the parts in the machine even after years and years of operation.

Due to our integrated development and production facilities, we can quickly develop and produce special parts and special machines for very specific needs.

If you need a special stitch , do not hesitate to contact us, we can surely help you. We have a library of special samples, which were made over the years, and we are still developing together with some customer, tailor-made sewing solutions which are unique.

Our technical and commercial team are at your service for further questions and to analyse your projects.

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